Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Blackening followed by a Whitening

Just a quick update,

I've undercoated pretty much everything in black the bare models and touched up the previously spray undercoated lot my idea of just spraying just the front and back didn't quite give the desired coverage.
There are no photos of this, even I understand that that would make for a dull photograph.

However my guardsmen have a contrasting colour on their uniform which won't paint well over the black so I'm now "production lining" painting white everything I need to change colour.

I took one of each design I had and did a whole model white bits for checking against, then went down the line doing shoulders, then belt, piping and legs finally the cuffs, hat band and gun. This helped me break the monotony as well as helping to keep my eye in.
Midweek I'd managed to whiten 3 lascannon teams and 3 autocannon teams & today 43 Guardsmen
I think I've done enough for this week.

Production Line in action.