Saturday, 28 April 2012

Meanwhile during the wettest drought in history...

During what we are currently having the wettest drought in history there was a brief break in the clouds and the big ball of fire in the sky shone down upon my garden just long enough for me to do a bit of spray painting...

Lots of purple!

Just one coat of army painter Alien Purple did a great job of covering my masses of plastic,
and I still have a little left in the single can, which is great as I've my Warmachine faction to paint. 

Then I painted up a sprues worth, the metalic armour doesn't "pop" enough will have to experiment with a couple of other colours, maybe try gold and copper see how it works with the purple.

Monday, 16 April 2012

OMG what did I go and do this time?!!

Hello again, 
Sorry about the lack of updates but unfortunately that lots of real life thing got in the way, 
as well as a couple of tournaments and helping with a house move.

However over the Christmas period Mantic did a messenger bag filled with sprues of their Kings of War range and I got a fair few of there Elves and Undead, maybe because I bought three sets, then the Owner did a special deal of which I partook of a further two sets, a quick trade with someone on a forum left me with the following figures, 

30 Spear Command
30 Spear Troops
60 Bow Command
30 Bow Troops
18 Scouts
3 Bolt Thrower and Crews 
the models are nice but not up to "Hero" standard so I went and spoiled myself with;
Mantics Hero on a Dragon (solid metal and personally think a better sculpt than the GW Dragon)
and from the Avatars of War Range;
Light Elf Mage,
Dark Elf Queen and
Dark Elf Sorceress 

so I've over 170 rank and file to paint and a few of heroes.

I'm going to tackle this by undercoating on the sprue, as it will just get fiddly trying to get behind the shields once the arms get stuck on... just waiting for a nice day to get them started. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

Update.. ish

Hi Folks,
Another small slice of a post, had to change the method of my madness with painting, there's a tournament coming up (Open War 16) and needed to get a platoon finished so I've had to paint up two Platoon Command Squads, three infantry and a Commissar Lord. (the new Yarrick)

They've been fleshed, oranged, gun metal and badge metal painted, I've just filled in the gaps in the bases once that's dry I will paint them a nice shade of grey tidy up the paint job, give them a wash or two then they are good to go.

I Hope.

Pics to follow.. if you've been good.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Lots of things happening around here recently, some personal some gaming club so I've lost time to do painting.
To be honest I've made no progress on my Imperial Guard since the last update, however I have painted up a Witch Hunter Warband, if I get some good light 'round here and a bit of get up and go I'll do some photo taking.

At the moment I'm looking at my carry case, I think I'm going to attempt to do the flesh on as many men as I can today.



Saturday, 2 July 2011

A Blackening followed by a Whitening

Just a quick update,

I've undercoated pretty much everything in black the bare models and touched up the previously spray undercoated lot my idea of just spraying just the front and back didn't quite give the desired coverage.
There are no photos of this, even I understand that that would make for a dull photograph.

However my guardsmen have a contrasting colour on their uniform which won't paint well over the black so I'm now "production lining" painting white everything I need to change colour.

I took one of each design I had and did a whole model white bits for checking against, then went down the line doing shoulders, then belt, piping and legs finally the cuffs, hat band and gun. This helped me break the monotony as well as helping to keep my eye in.
Midweek I'd managed to whiten 3 lascannon teams and 3 autocannon teams & today 43 Guardsmen
I think I've done enough for this week.

Production Line in action.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Project

Here are the photos of the models that are making the bulk of this project.

So I've lots of under coating and tidying up of some spray under coated  miniatures.
Plus I also have two Chimeras, a recovered from spare parts Leman Russ and a second converted Vendetta.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

1st Post

Hello there reader, this will be my outlet for my war game like shenanigans,
mostly the painting part, due to the fact that where I game at GIMPS in Sheffield a whole slew of gamers have started these blogs and well it seemed like fun and I was in need of some motivation.

What to expect from the blog;
Updated at least monthly, if not with photos at least a post of what I've been up to.
Lots of Imperial Guard figures and tanks becoming more than just the bare plastic and metal they started as.
An occasional moan, crude joke or social commentary.

What not to expect;
Models painted to an amazing standard, I'm going for a tabletop quality, they should look good and a cohesive army from the other side of the gaming table.

Photos coming soon-ish.